Main Meals

Tortilla Stack

Lasagne gets a Mexican twist with this hearty tortilla stack recipe. This family meal features layers of spicy beef tomato sauce, white sauce, tortillas & cheese.

Thai Peanut Noodles

A winning combination of spicy, crunchy, sweet and salty will tantalise your taste buds. 20 minutes is all it takes to make this lip smacking dish!

Yassa Chicken

Try our yassa chicken; a succulent chicken with caramelized onions and mustard, popular in Senegal.

Chicken Tacos

Try our flavour-packed Mexican chicken tacos!

Swedish Meatballs

Try our traditional Swedish meatballs. Tender, flavourful meatballs coated in a rich cream sauce.

Cevapi & Ajvar

Try our delicious cevapi (grilled meat) & ajvar (red pepper sauce).


Try our kabsa; a traditional Saudi rice dish served with fried golden sultanas and flaked almonds.

Pollo a la Brasa

Try our succulent pollo a la brasa Peruvian chicken.