Naan Gosht

Our naan gosht (rich lamb on the bone) curry is cooked in a fragrant, saffron, tomato & onion gravy, making it a perfect dish to serve on Eid!

Liver & Kidney Curry

Try our liver & kidney curry, perfect to enjoy around Eid time!

Leg of Sheep

How’s this for an Eid feast? A leg of sheep marinated with a fusion of Indian and Middle-Eastern spices to bring a truly global taste to your table!

Leg of Lamb Biryani

Biryani is an iconic rice dish recognised all over the world. While the spicy rice is a staple of the South-Asian subcontinent, here’s our luscious lamb leg twist on the humble biryani!

Gosht Pulao

Leftover curry from Eid? Turn it into a delicious pot of gosht pulao (meat pilaf)!

Bukhari Pulao

A sensational rice feast for Eid; Bukhari Pulao (rice) is an aromatic and flavourful Middle-Eastern rice dish that features numerous spices such as cassia, black pepper & cardamom to evoke its namesake – The Silk Road, Spice Trade City of Bukhara.

Eid Milk

Undoubtedly a must have for Eid morning is a delightful cup of Eid milk; packed with dry dates, nuts and vermicelli!