Cheese Twists

A cheese twist recipe ready for snack time or a party. These savoury treats are so easy to make, especially if you use ready rolled puff pastry.

Spring Onion Pancakes

Chewy, flaky, and savoury spring onion pancakes served with flavour packed sauce is always a crowd pleaser!

Swedish Meatballs

Try our traditional Swedish meatballs. Tender, flavourful meatballs coated in a rich cream sauce.


Dak-kkochi is a popular South Korean street food consisting of small pieces of chicken and green onions grilled on a skewer.

Caprese Sandwiches

Caprese sandwich is a classic vegetarian Italian sandwich. This one is made with our pistachio & basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Tandoori Kataifi Chicken Tenders

This unique & ultra crispy appetizer is a must try: Tandoori marinated chicken tenders wrapped in delicate kataifi pastry (shredded filo pastry) and fried until golden & crisp!

Prawn, Dill & Mayo Sandwiches

Everyone loves a good sarnie, but take yours to the next level with our Scandinavian inspired creamy prawn, dill & mayo sandwiches!

8 Layer Dip

This 8 layer dip is truly a party in your mouth! It’s healthy, big on ingredients and flavor and so easy to make. Scoop it up with baked tortilla chips for the ultimate experience.

Mogo Chips

Try a twist on your average chips with our mogo chips. Mogo (a.k.a Cassava) is a staple carb in Africa and in many parts of South America where it is known as Yucca. Countless Indian restaurants all over the UK serve it up in all kinds of ways, popular choices being Tandoori and Indo-Chinese style (with soy sauce).